Tv4U is an American Internet Network headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia that offers a diverse slate of programming amid at entertaining, informing and inspiring baby boomers and millennials around the global. Debuting with a soft launch of a few shows/series beginning late March 2017 and building towards a full schedule of programming announced during the 3rd QTR 2017. Tv4U focuses on entertainment that sparks conversations and inspires change through a compelling mix of original programming, drama series and documentaries. Tv4U's soft launch will include 3 programs The CLOSET Webseries, Documentary Focus and Rick & Ruby Live at Exposè.

Evan Allison plays the dapper, snake in the grass, smooth, sinister bastard in the web series The CLOSET. Find out what drives his character to always be evil, disloyal an duntruthworthy; however, completely honest with his father figure, Arcellious Lexx. read more >

The CLOSET is an informative, hypnotic and compelling dramatic web series which grows on a viewer in the most important way a good drama series should: by encouraging curiosity about the growth and fate of key characters. Created by Maurice Townes & Kevin F. Allen, The CLOSET is a web series which offers informative, yet entertaining topics for its mature audience. It takes an in-dept look at the lives of a multi-cultural array of men--Emory Lawsen, Zachary Sledge, Isaiah Edwards, Nathaniel C. Bullock, Brice Hennedy and Ricardo Iglesias. Serving a bold does of human life which reflect real stories and going where no other series has gone, The CLOSET, is sure to provide stimulating water cooler conversations. The CLOSET debuts on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 with new webepisodes release on Tuesdays at 1:00 PM EST for 10 weeks.

2 This weekly documentary series focuses on subject matters which are educational, entertaining and unique. The first few episodes will concentrate on "Signs Of Deception: Exploring the hidden sexual lives of men", subsequent episodes will be released multiple times a week focusing on compelling subject matters such as, homelessness, gun control, does voting matter, breastmilk, and organic vs processed food. Documentary Focus premieres Spring 2017.


Rick & Ruby Live at Exposé is a weekly musical entertainment show. Eric & Ruby Montgomery are the husband and wife team that's the creating force and the muscial talent of the entertainment show. "Viewers will recognize Rick & Ruby as the on screen couple, Walter & Clara Winners from the web series The CLOSET. Don't get confused, when Eric is performing on stage he's 'Rick'. Ruby & Eric are truly developing a unique musical entertainment show. They have elements of the muscial shows from the past combined with all of the new technology of today.", states co-creator and Director Maurice. Rick & Ruby Live at Exposé is broadcasted live/filmed weekly at Exposé in Snellville, Georgia, the release date is currently in scheduling negoitations targeted for late Summer 2017.


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The CLOSET webseries
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Signs Of Deception
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